5 Tips for your Destination Wedding in the Mayan Riviera

Have you ever given thought to having a destination wedding? How about turning that thought into a reality! Making plans to have the perfect wedding in the Mayan Riviera can be a wedding of a lifetime.

Knowing what to expect when planning your destination wedding is crucial and can save you from potential problems. Below we have listed six tips you need to know.

1. Know the Requirements for a Legal Ceremony

When you travel to a different country to get married, there may be a different process than back home.

In Mexico there are two options.

1. Legal Ceremony, also called Civil Ceremony

This ceremony will have to be spoken first in Spanish by an officiant who is also a government representative, then spoken in English. 

There are a couple other rules if you plan to get legally married in Mexico.

  • You must be in the country for at least three days prior to the wedding.
  • The bride and groom to-be are required to have a blood test.
  • Your marriage certificate will be in Spanish, which will then need to be translated into English.
  • A valid passport.
  • Tourist Card (provided when crossing the border)
  • Single Status Affidavit from back home.
  • Health Certificate.
  • Have 4 witnesses picked.

While these may seem like big tasks or maybe just different than what you are used to hearing about back home. Don't worry! It is a simple process that your resort or wedding coordinator can help sort out for you. They do it all the time, and can make it easy and stress free.

2. Symbolic Ceremony

With a symbolic ceremony, everything can look identical to a legal ceremony, only with less hoops to jump through down in Mexico. 

You can take care of the entire legal side of your marriage back home in private before even coming down to the Mayan Riviera. The process is different for each region, but look into the process in your home town.

With this method, once you get to Mexico for the wedding, your ceremony can be in English (or your native language), and you don't even need to tell your guests you were "officially" married just before coming down! As far as everyone will know or can tell, you are getting married then and there.

2. Know when the sun sets

The Mayan Riviera is comprised of well known locations such as Cancun and Playa del Carmen. If your choice of wedding is to be towards the evening be sure to look up sunset times to give your photographer plenty of time to capture the perfect moments in the perfect light.

Photo tip: Shooting photos at "golden hour".

Here's a link that will tell you the time and date of all sunsets throughout the year (just select the month near the bottom): Sunset times in the Mayan Riviera 

3. Pick your resort

When deciding where you would like to get married a big decision is which resort you will stay at. Spend time reading Trip Advisor reviews or even searching forums like Best Destination Weddings or Facebook for relevant groups that you can join and talk to brides who have had or are having weddings at these resorts.

Your resort should be carefully chosen based off of your own personal tastes, location and budget. The coast stretches from Cancun south through Playa del Carmen to Tulum and beyond, and most are on the water or very close to it.

4. Plan some activities (and relaxation!)

Before leaving on your dream vacation, know your surroundings.  You can do a quick Google search of things to do in the Mayan Riviera and it will turn up tons and tons of results. There are endless adventures to be had in the Yucatan.

Water activities are a huge hit in the region as the entire coastline is along the Caribbean Sea. Fishing, snorkeling, diving and yacht tours are among the most popular things to do in the region — and for good reason: Sea + sun + friends + family = good times!

If you have various family members and friends flying in to join the celebration it helps to keep everyone entertained and happy while on their vacation to celebrate your marriage.

However, you probably don't want to over do it by planning activities for every single day. Of course everyone is there to see you married and be a part of the group, but they're also there to relax.

Down days laying by the pool or beach are just as important as the adventures.


5. Find time to relax!

After the big day has happened it is time to relax. You have made it past the stress and now you get to spend time alone with the person of your dreams.

Take in the sights in the Riviera, Cancun, and Playa del Carmen surroundings. Spend a day on the beach in the sun or snorkeling in the ocean. Time is on your side and the drinks are waiting...

Seven Quick, Fun Facts about Sea Turtles in the Mayan Riviera

  1. They live an estimated 70-80 years!

  2. Mother sea turtles lay their eggs on land, returning to the same location that they were hatched. They'll even return over huge ocean crossings to lay their eggs.

  3. There are seven species of sea turtles (not all native to the Mayan Riviera): Leatherback, Green Turtle, Hawksbill, Loggerhead, Olive Ridley, Kemp’s Ridley and Flatback. Learn more about them here.
  4. Male sea turtles spend their entire lives at sea, while females return to their birthplace on land to lay their own eggs.
  5. A sea turtle's gender can be determined by the temperature of the nest in which they are laid. Warmer temperatures tend to hatch female sea turtles while colder climates produce more males.
  6. The first marine turtle is thought to have lived 220 million years ago!
  7. The largest sea turtle on record (a leatherback) was found on the coast of Wales in 1988. This leatherback weighed over 2,000lbs and measured 9 feet in length and was estimated to be approximately 100 years old. 

Sea turtles are incredible creatures and swimming alongside them can be experienced on our snorkeling tours. While you can get close to them while snorkeling, we do ask that you please do not touch them and simply enjoy the view and experience!