100% Good-Times guarantee

How would you feel if you knew that your private yacht charter was 100% guaranteed to be fun for your whole group — or your money back?

No questions asked. 

We are so certain of our service and your enjoyment that we're the only charter company in the Riviera Maya willing to stand by our experience with a guarantee like this.

Our Good-Times Guarantee is our commitment to your vacation, to your friends and to your family.

We know you have a lot of options out there, your time is limited and what you spend your money on is important to you.

By guaranteeing our charters, our crew — your crew — will work as hard as they can to give you the best service possible aboard your yacht. 

Your 47' yacht, Los Tres Piratas at the secluded Inah Reef.

Your 47' yacht, Los Tres Piratas at the secluded Inah Reef.

The Riviera Maya is the front door to the Caribbean.

At its westernmost point, when you step into the water here, you are on the edge of the most beautiful stretch of sea and islands in the world.

Step aboard, and welcome yourself as family into our world.

It may sound hokey reading this on a website, but when you step aboard with us, you step into our family. You will know that isn't some advertising phrase or marketing fluff as soon as you get in touch with us.

From your first communication, to your charter, to us checking in on how you're doing well after you've left the Riviera Maya... To book with us is to become a piece of H2Oh for life. It is to leave a part of yourself, in memory, down here in the Caribbean.

That piece you left behind will always be calling you back, and we already can't wait to see you again.


NEW LOW Rates & Details

We've decided to offer the best prices we've ever had, not as a sale, but as our standard, everyday rates.

Your own private Azimut, Italian made, luxury yacht for $1199. All-inclusive.

No hidden fees. No last minute, "Oh, and we forgot to mention the 16% tax," and no secret charges of any kind.

The price you see is exactly the price you get.

For $1199 you'll get every single item here:

  • Unlimited open bar (national liquor and beer)
  • A full meal for all
    • Featuring a delicious, seasoned and fire grilled chicken
    • Fresh made guacamole
    • Fresh cut Mexican style salsa
    • Beans, rice, tortillas and chips
  • Snacks
  • Snorkel gear
  • Snorkeling at a beautiful reef on the Riviera Maya coastline
  • Paddle boards
  • A crew to cater to your every need
  • 3 hours of as much fun and drinks as you can fit in!
  • Karaoke (18,000+ songs, HD TV for lyrics and microphones
  • Spotify, or your own music plugged into our system (anything with an aux cable)
  • WiFi from sea
  • Bonus Gift: Bottle of local, Cueva Vodka, a local artisanal vodka, distilled 20 times with fresh cenote water
  • Bonus Gift: Four shot glasses, locally made by hand in Playa del Carmen

The $1199 is for up to 8 guests. Have more that want to join? Tell them to hop aboard, this yacht can fit up to 20!

Additional guests are $89/pp (Ages 13+), $49/pp (Ages 5-12) and $0 (Ages 1-4)


If you're booking more than 14 days in advance, you can put 50% down to hold and book your spot. Final balances are due within 14 days of your charter date. Any new charters booked within the 14 day window can pay in full to book.

This PRIVATE YACHT Charter is Perfect For...

Families, group vacations, bachelor or bachelorette parties, intimate wedding groups, surprise proposals, or just about any other reason you can have to be out on a boat in the Mayan Riviera.

This yacht is ideal for groups of 20 or less.

Have a bigger group? Check out our flagship 72' yacht, Piratas de Tejas.

Ready to book? Have any more questions? Click on the chat box here or fill out the form below. We'll get back to you lightning quick.



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Non-stop, unlimited open bar. We'll stock the yacht with Grey Goose, Don Julio Reposado Tequila, Matusalem Rum, Captain Morgan's, and Bombay Gin. You can sip it, shoot it, mix it. Whatever you'd like, you'll be drinking from the best brands. Also included is beer, piña coladas, margaritas, strawberry and mango daiquiris, juices, soda and water.
Not because of a wedding, anniversary, birthday or anything else in particular? Just answer, "Life, obviously!"
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Riviera Maya - $15/pp, Tulum & Cancun - $20/pp. Taxes included, round-trip.
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