Private Yacht Charters from the Riviera Maya to Cozumel


How would you feel if you knew that your private yacht charter was 100% guaranteed to be fun for your whole group — or your money back?

No questions asked. 

We are so certain of our service and your enjoyment that we're the only charter company in the Riviera Maya willing to stand by our experience with a guarantee like this.

Our Good-Times Guarantee is our commitment to your vacation, to your friends and to your family.

We know you have a lot of options out there, your time is limited and what you spend your money on is important to you.

By guaranteeing our charters, our crew — your crew — will work as hard as they can to give you the best service possible aboard your yacht. 

You are one unforgettable decision away from an entirely new experience and the newest yacht to our fleet.

Our newest addition named Los Tres Piratas is a 47' Italian made beauty. She can zip out to remote beaches that would take two or three times as long on other vessels.

That means more time in the water, more time snorkelling, more time basking in the shallows and Caribbean sun.

You can go from stepping aboard, cocktails in hand, to snorkelling with reef fish and sea turtles in 20 minutes.

Or, you can head across to the island of Cozumel in less than 30 minutes!

It's a funny thing trying to write a "sales pitch" for something you truly love and believe in.  So, instead of padding this intro with more adjectives trying convince you of something we are already positive you will love, the video above and photos below can work their magic!

We do this every day for a reason, and you will truly understand what happiness is when you join us too!


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El Cielo, its shallow waters and your 47' yacht await...

El Cielo, its shallow waters and your 47' yacht await...


El Cielo, Cozumel — an untouched paradise within paradise.

Everywhere here looks like a piece of a dream. El Cielo is the untouched centre of that dream.

Far away from civilization, resorts, houses or even adventurous beach goers — you will enjoy the shallow remoteness of El Cielo.

Often completely alone, or only near a couple other small boats this place is Heaven on earth. 

5 hours minimum, although we recommend 6 hours for the full experience.


Rates & Details

$1999usd, includes:

  • Unlimited open bar (national liquor and beer)
  • A full meal for all
    • Featuring a delicious, seasoned and fire grilled chicken
    • Fresh made guacamole
    • Fresh cut Mexican style salsa
    • Beans, rice, tortillas and chips
  • Snacks
  • Snorkel gear
  • Swimming in the calm, secluded waters of El Cielo, Cozumel
  • Paddle boards
  • A crew to cater to your every need
  • 5 hours of as much fun and drinks as you can fit in!
  • Karaoke (18,000+ songs, HD TV for lyrics and microphones
  • Spotify, or your own music plugged into our system (anything with an aux cable)
  • WiFi from sea

The $1999 is for up to 8 guests. Have more that want to join? Tell them to hop aboard, this yacht can fit up to 20!

Additional guests are $89/pp (Ages 13+), $49/pp (Ages 5-12) and $0 (Ages 1-4)

Additional hours are $400/hr


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