Sunset Cruise in paradise


With the coastline of the Riviera Maya facing east, one of the only ways to see the sunset down here is being offshore, looking west from your own private yacht.

Imagine coming to paradise and not seeing the sun set! We're here to fix that... plus cocktails.

Located just south of Playa del Carmen, we'll be ready with cocktails as you board your yacht, depart the dock and cruise the canals, then heading out along the coastline where you can watch the sunset, have your own music playing while you call all the shots, or simply relax.

There's plenty of room to sit back, get up and dance or socialize as the sun hits the horizon on another beautiful day in the Riviera Maya.


72' Piratas de Tejas


58' Los Dos Piratas


47' Los Tres Piratas

WHAT Are the details and what IS THIS Sunset Cruise going TO COST US?

72' Piratas de Tejas


Flat rate includes:
2 hours, 15 guests. Max capacity: 80

Extra Hours: $325/hr

58' Los Dos Piratas


Flat rate includes:
2 hours, 15 guests. Max capacity: 52

Extra Hours: $300/hr

47' Los Tres Piratas


Flat rate includes:
2 hours, 10 guests. Max capacity: 23

Extra Hours: $225/hr

Charter Rates

The rates displayed here are for our three different private yachts. All charters are completely private for you and your group. 

Rates and additional hours vary slightly by yacht.

Extra Guests 

  • $40/pp for ages 16+
  • $20 for 5-15
  • Ages 4 and under are complimentary

Charter Times

Start times vary based on the time of year. Typically 6:00pm or after.


  • Open bar cocktails
    • Daiquiris
    • PiƱa coladas
    • Margaritas
    • Mixed cocktails
    • Shots
  • Non-alcoholic drinks like juices and water
  • Sandwiches
  • Beer is a la carte: $15usd per 6 pack

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