Welcome to Paradise

Imagine you and your friends on your own private yacht at night.

Cocktails being served as you board the yacht, depart the dock and cruise the canals, then heading outside the marina to a Caribbean cove.

You'll anchor in that cove, which from this day forward we shall call Party Cove.

Party Cove is right off the coast of the Riviera Maya with the marina town of Puerto Aventuras in the background.

Your private party boat (Daytime shot to better show your private yacht. Party Cove is exclusively a night event)

Your private party boat (Daytime shot to better show your private yacht. Party Cove is exclusively a night event)

Spotlights will light up the calm Caribbean water below and an unlimited open bar will poor freely.

You control the music from our library, any playlist or song on Spotify, or bring your own music to plug in.

You can swim, paddle board, dance, turn up the music, sing karaoke and drink some more.

We'll also serve snacks and a meal of fire roasted chicken, fresh made guacamole, Mexican style salsa, rice and beans with tortillas and chips.

This is sounding pretty good, right? 

But it might be expensive, you're thinking.

It's not. We've made the pricing as low as anything we've ever done for a private yacht experience.

Photo by Jon Asato

Photo by Jon Asato


$1000usd, all-in for 4 hours and including 10 guests. Want to add more friends? Easy.

Only $75 per each additional guest, up to 13 additional guests (23 total aboard). 

The more friends that join, the lower the price gets per person, so make some friends at the hotel!

This is perfect for anyone here who is looking for something truly unique to do at night instead of just heading to the club or Coco Bongo with the rest of the city.

Bachelor and bachelorette parties? Perfect.

Groups of friends here for a wedding? Perfect.

Visiting for no other reason than to have a good time? Perfect.

As long as you like being on a yacht under the night sky, the Caribbean and open bar, this is for you.

Unlimited open premium liquor upgrades optional

Unlimited open premium liquor upgrades optional

What's included for the $1000?

  • 10 guests
    • Each additional guest is only $75/pp (23 total aboard)
  • 4 hours
    • Additional hours are $400, keeps open bar flowing and the music going
  • Canal Cruise
  • Anchor in Party Cove for:
    • Swimming
    • Paddle boards
    • Relaxing
    • Dancing
    • Karaoke
    • Laying out on the bow under the stars
  • Unlimited open bar of national liquors and Mexican beer
    • Daiquiris
    • Piña coladas
    • Margaritas
    • Beer
    • Mixed cocktails
    • Shots
    • Non-alcoholic drinks like juices, soda and water
    • Premium unlimited open bar available at $25/pp extra
  • Nonstop Snacks
    • Fresh made guacamole
    • Freshly diced Mexican style salsa
    • Chips
    • Fire grilled whole chicken (wings, drumsticks, the whole bird!)


In the summer the sun sets at 7:30pm — just in time to get your party going.

In the summer the sun sets at 7:30pm — just in time to get your party going.

When does the party start?

Any departure time to begin between 7:30pm and 10:00pm.

Want a 7:30pm-11:30pm party? Works for us! You can even book transportation with us straight to 12th Ave if you want to keep partying.

Want to get started a little later at 10:00pm-2:00am? That works too.

Ready to book today? Just contact us in the chat box below, or fill in this form and we’ll get back to you right away.

If you need to start your party earlier than 7:30pm, you can choose any departure time between 5:30pm-7:00pm for a $200usd early-departure fee. This party is geared towards a nighttime experience. If you are looking for a daytime charter with more sunlight, take a look at our private day tours. 

The Party Begins by Getting in Touch

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What date do you want your yacht party? *
What date do you want your yacht party?
Earliest start time 7:30pm, latest start time 10:00pm, only note your start time. All parties are 4 hours
10 are included in the $1000 base rate, each additional guest is only $75/pp
Would you like to upgrade to unlimited premium open bar for $25/pp? *
Top shelf, or well?
If you're at a condo or villa, please provide the address.
Would you like to include round trip transportation for $15/pp? *
We'll coordinate transportation for you, make sure everything is on time and our drivers know exactly where the boat is located.